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Voice Record Pro


It is a free app that allows users to record their voice with no time limits.  Its user-friendly interface makes recording speaking assignments less intimidating for language learners.

What can it do?

Recording is easily done by clicking on a record button on top. Recording can be paused and resumed when needed.


The app has a user-friendly interface. Recording an audio can be easily done by tapping on the record button on top.


A recording can be paused and resumed as needed.


You can do a variety of things with the recording, including saving to camera roll, saving to a cloud, posting to youtube, and/or emailing it as an attachment.


The app offers a variety of options -1


The app offers a variety of options -2



Recordings can be sent by email; they aren’t large.

The recordings aren’t usually large, even if they were long. Also, although recordings are by default saved as MP3, the app allows users to convert audios to MP4. The app also maintains an archive of previous recordings to make them accessible for future reference.

How to use it in language classrooms

With a class full of students, it can be time-consuming to do speaking activities and give feedback during class. With this app, you can students different speaking topics and ask them to record their answers and send it to you. Of course, you’ll need to be specific about how short their recordings need to be :)

Not only will this app help you give students proper feedback on their speaking skills, but it can also serve as a speaking portfolio. Because the app keeps record of all recordings (unless deleted by the user), students can use to see how they’ve progressed during the semester, which can be a great source of motivation in their language learning journey.

You can use IELTS speaking part 2 topics or cards to give students topics to discuss. There are many websites out there, but I found this is one of my favorites: